Cartoons made with graphic tablet and Pixia

husarz - polish knight
Husarz – polish knight – 2002
a drawing made with Pixia
a drawing made with Pixia – 2002

In 2002 I bought some graphic tablet. Nothing sophisticated, gee, it was 2002 and these things were expensive then. Soon I found a perfect software for making drawings, it was PIXIA. And I got myself involved in Pixia development, ie. I made official Polish translation of this software, afterwards I run PIXIA Art Forum… I met many nice people this way, of course virtually only, however it was a nice experience. So, greetings to Isao Maruka (author of this software), Soldier (a person who was busy with English version of this software and united all the Pixia users) and all the active Pixia-users… Guys, it was fun…

Polish Astronaut
Polish Astronaut – 2002