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1987 – 2021

daily cartoon september 2022 – now

I started to draw cartoons a long time ago, at the age of six. OK, from very beginning.

The first cartoons I really liked were The Flintstones and Huckleberry Hound. Yes, in Poland during socialistic times, we watched American cartoons on Polish TV. I, actually my parents, had a black and white TV box then, in 1980 they bought the color one, it was a Russian Elektron, so the tv-cartoons got colors. When I saw Fred Flintstone for the very first time I decided to become a cartoonist and make such animations or comic strips.

And I have started to draw. I used ball-pens, pens, crayons, charcoal, markers and anything I could keep in my hands and make strokes. I made my drawings on paper, walls, books, newspapers, blackboards, school desks, I especially liked school desks. My small drawings were everywhere.

I have not been changed, I keep drawing, the walls are left alone, I am too old for that or maybe not… However, I can say, cartoons are really a big part of my art, very often hidden, not shown during exhibitions… I do not know why.

Soon after I saw Huck and Fred I discovered comics, the 70’s were the best years for comics in Poland. I collected tons of comic books. I knew I wanted to be a cartoonist / cartoon artist or whatever people call them, wanted to draw comics, cartoons… In the 80’s I made my first comics strips.

In the 90’s I started my art education, entered Art Academy, painted oil-paintings, did graphics, however I did not forget cartoons, kept drawing…

I think I am the cartoonist influenced by the illustration art or athe illustrator who is influenced by the cartoons. A border, in my opinion, between these two is very thin. My recent drawings are to be considered as a combination of cartoon and illustration art.

However, please, feel free to disagree with me.