Taylor Swift’s fan shocked and shaken by Seattle Earthquake in extreme European heat.

Recently I was really annoyed with Taylor Swift news. It was repeated by CNN, Fox News, The Telegraph, Reuters, AP, AFP… Taylor Swift did this and this during her tour in the US. And always the same photo. Didn’t they have another one. Her PR didn’t do a good job. And on the 29th of July, 2023 was a sesmic activity caused by her concert in Seattle…. Of course they showed us a Richter’s seismic diagram in order to prove their thesis… No comment. On another side of our ball in Southern Europe we experienced heat waves. According to Mr. Gutteres (United Nations’ chief) we were ‘boiling’, he really said so, because the climate change affected us. Gee, it was to much for my thin body… And I came out with cartoon. Greeting to all ‘Swifties’.


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