About my Twitter (X) cartoons

One day I decided to enter Twitter website and see for myself what it was. I created an account. And I started. I felt like a child who was to learn the world. Follow, not follow, but who and why? I saw media channels, politicians, organizations, normal people who shared their thouhts, articles, videos, graphics. So, I placed my firt cartoon on 30th of September 2022. With no hashtags :).

Now I know what to do, but the beginning wasn’t easy.

Politics delivers a lot of information, most of the news are very funny. Politicians make dialogs that the best copywriter will not invent. It is enough just illustrate what they say. Or to comment it.

I think I have found a place for my cartoons.

Twitter, actually platform X, formerly known as Twitter :), I prefer to call it Twitter anyway, is nice, the whole world is here. If you want to know what is going on, you just go Twitter and read all breaking news and you are up to date. Of course, the tweet is short, you need to read the whole article, but you have the source, you do not need to search. So, I know what is going on The US, Canada, The UK, Europe, New Zeeland, Australia, South America, Africa and Asia.

After one month I was familiar with all Belgian politicians. Later on with European, English and American ones. I am limited by language. I really lack knowledge of Spanish, Portugese and French. I would love to comment situation in South America in their native languages.

I like drawing, I do not mind if I get popular or not, I just keep drawing…


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