oil & acrylic paintings

Roses by Phil Sobansky a.k.a. Filip Sobanski

One day, more precisely speaking about 1992/93, I had got an idea to paint a rose with such a big, huge bloom, actually just wanted to paint the bloom only. Wanted to see a result right away, so painted one. Later my roses would become more urban.

The rose I painted in 2001 looked very urban... Too urban, I guess, or not urban at all. I could have seen a big influence of Mark Rothko in this painting, especially a background. Was it done coincidentally? I could not have analyzed whether this postmodernistic idea of mine was done for purpose, in fact I have always hated postmodernism, or it was a tribute to this American painter.

In total about 30 roses were painted by me, in many colorways and sizes... Unfortunetelly not all my paintings have been presented here due a lack of photographs... Many rose paintings were just sold before I could have efforted a decent camera and could have taken any shots of them.

Yellow Urban Rose

1998, oil on canvas, 73cm by 102 cm

Red Urban Rose

1999, oil on canvas,

Blue Urban Rose

2001, acrylic on canvas,

Rose of Greens

1994, oil on canvas, 65cm by 45cm

Red Rose

1995, oil on canvas, 92cm by 65cm

Small Urban Rose (Blue Urban Rose)

2000, acrylic on canvas, ca. 30cm by 40cm

Yellow Rose

1994, oil on canvas, ca. 70cm by 100cm

2 Urban Roses and 1 Urban Butterfly

2000, oil on canvas, 82cm by 67cm

Yellow Urban Rose and Green Butterfly

1998, oil on canvas, 67cm by 82cm

Pink Rose

1993, oil on canvas, ca. 100cm by 82cm

Blue Rose

1995, oil on canvas, 92cm by 65cm